A God-Incidence

Do you believe in coincidence? Based on personal experience, I am certain that they exist but are only made possible because of God’s love for us and plan for our life. A very good friend of mine, and other people I’m sure, would refer to these as God-incidences or God-instances. How many times did something happen and we were astonished at the right timing of it? Or we pray for something and after a while we realise that it has been answered and we have not even considered it as from God but just ‘coincidence’? Or we meet someone we had not been in contact with for the longest time and they make your day just by speaking to you?

This is a story of one of these God-instances that I experienced the other day. This is a story of the way God made his way into my life on an ordinary day and turned it to the better by making it revolve around Him.

I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish his lecture, sitting on a bench at a park. After a few minutes, a friend I had not seen in a long while came walking towards me. I was super surprised to see him because I wasn’t expecting any company for the next hour. At that point I could have cut whatever I was saying short or come up with an excuse to avoid having to socialise. Instead, we spoke for an hour about our lives and future plans. We talked about experiences that we had each gone through since we had seen each other last. We talked about relationships, youth groups and education; aspirations, hobbies and achievements. I might have annoyed him by mentioning two of the most important things on my mind a little too much- stress because of exams and hunger (always!).

The one thing we talked about that was really encouraging for both of us was our faith and Catholicism. We shared about loving God, loving others, about how great He is and praising Him and His creation. If I was a lukewarm Catholic before meeting him,  I ended up feeling like a warrior, ready to take on the world with my faith, evangelise to others and live for Christ while keeping in mind the great things that He does for me! We shared about the difficulties of sharing our faith with those who do not have the same love for God and about helpful tips to overcome the hesitation to evangelise while not being hypocritical and to stick to a daily prayer life.

I realised the importance of having friends who give motivation and the courage to continue living for Him. I realised how many times He can use their words to speak to us in every situation – even the unexpected ones. My friend told me how grateful he was for our conversation and that I made his day. I can truly say that it was definitely mutual and I am now certain of the power in our words – we can either use them to speak life or to break a person down.

Have you ever had a coincidence that seemed planned out by God? Or was just too good to have just been chance? Let me know in the comments below!


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