Sunset Feels

12899382_1022633887803045_1609010873_o (2)

There’s something about sunsets that takes my breath away. Spending time outside while the sun is going down is one of my favourite things to do. I love the smell of fresh air and the approaching night time atmosphere. The colours are just impeccable and so beautiful. How can we not praise a God so great and original? Just watching sunsets makes me so thankful towards our Creator. I could live that moment again and again and would never tire of it.

This photo was taken in Mdina, Malta the other day and every time I look at it, it instills in me a desire to praise God and I melt a little inside. It’s just too pretty! It also reminds me of the importance and value of photos that capture memories to be forever looked back upon with nostalgic longing. So wherever you are, make sure you have a camera or phone with you because you never know when you’ll come across something you wouldn’t want to ever forget, like this lovely sunset!

Sarah XxX


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