You Can Be a Beautiful Flower Too!


Stop for a minute and just take a look at the way the flowers seem to be growing out of the rubble wall. Even out of something as dull as rock, beautiful plants find a way to live and look pretty and make the most of their location, despite not being in the ideal circumstances.

Maybe you too are in a circumstance you wouldn’t like to be in at the moment. Perhaps you’re suffering and you don’t know how to ease the pain. Dear reader, just as the pretty flowers can live to their full potential by using their surroundings to create something beautiful, so can you. Whether you’re in a down slope of the rollercoaster of life or trying to come out of the bottom pit of piling problems and giving up, there is always a way to use this current moment in your life to create something new and astounding.

God guarantees that if you let Him into the problems you are experiencing, He can be with you and make them a little easier. I’m not saying that all your difficulties will just fade away, but at least you can hope for a better time. If you give this time to God, He can help you make it all better and you can emerge from the sucky circumstances as a beautiful person, shaped new and with a clearer vision.

You CAN be a beautiful flower too!


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