Bide Your Time


Haven’t we all, at least one day in our lives been forced to wait perhaps for hours on end for a bus to appear at the bus stop? One too many times have I stood there in the blazing sun or in heavy showers waiting to head to my destination.

Waiting at a bus stop is somewhat similar to waiting to overcome a temptation to sin in our journey of faith. How? Well we know that some day we’re going to manage to beat a particular sin but we wait patiently (or not so patiently sometimes), enduring the battle. We stumble amd fall but we have faith in God for the better that is to come if we do not go along with the temptation.

So the next time I’m waiting at a bus stop or watching people waiting there, I will stop and think of the ways I have given in to temptation and prepare myself to be able to fight them off next time before I have time to consider acting upon them. That’s the way to kick evil in the face before it has time to enter and brainwash our mind into believing lies.

With the grace of God, you will be ready to wait for the temptation to go away and realise that it will only bring you down and further from God.You’ll know that you are waiting for the best and the ultimate destination: heaven.

“Get out of here, Satan,” Jesus told him. “The Scriptures say, ‘Worship only the Lord God. Obey only him.'” Matthew 4:10


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