Finding God in the Cracks


If you’re feeling unworthy of having a relationship with God, this is for you.

You’re a mess – you have missing pieces in your life, unfinished business, people to forgive, bottled up emotions, all the bitter feelings and you keep getting it wrong every time you try to make things right.

Hold up! God wants to meet you where you’re at!

Yes, God became a human and came down to our level just to be able to love us and love Him. HE came down to OUR level! Jesus was born in a cave surrounded by animals and hay and all things smelly.

Rest assured, He doesn’t mind your rips, your holes, your cracks, your smelly life. He wants to be a part of your situations so He can patch you up. The process is slow and may hurt but the result is much better than what you were used to before.

Don’t waste time perfecting yourself before searching for God. Find Him now in your cracks and let Him perfect you. Or better yet, let Him find you and watch Him mould you into the best you could ever be!


4 Replies to “Finding God in the Cracks”

    1. Thank you! I took it from the title of a chapter from a book I’m reading, ‘Finding God in Unexpected Places’ by Phillip Yancey because I love it so much and I thought it suited the passage quite well πŸ™‚


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