This is Carla!



This sweet girl hanging off the railing is Carla. She’s extremely energetic and talkative but I have learned a lot from her acting in this way! She speaks about everything she’s interested in and there’s no way of stopping her. If she wants you to know something, she’ll tell you whether you want to hear it or not. She has such enthusiasm and positivity and enjoys every second of life. I guess most children are like that: lively, joyful and carefree. She makes everything fun and even though I might be exhausted by the end of my time with her, she makes me so inherently happy that it’s all worth it.

That’s the way I think God wants us to live life. He wants us to be happy, joyful, peaceful, and have fun with Him. After all, when we follow Jesus, He makes sure that He colours our life, and we enjoy it far more than when we do not take notice of Him. We can find joy in Him and in everything we do if we do it for His glory. We’re going to heaven one day and I think that should make us enthusiastic enough to have fun in this life and be energetic to get others with us and share the happiness with everyone we meet, even if they do not necessarily want to hear! A smile is contagious and you won’t lose your own by giving it to others so go ahead, be like Carla. Take your troubles to Jesus, let Him fix them and you just worry about saving souls today. You never know who you’ll meet in heaven just by talking about Him and being genuinely joyful today!

“Have the courage to be truly happy!” Pope Francis


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