Celebrating our Earthly Fathers and Heavenly Father!


A dad is the foundation of a household. He keeps the family together, provides for it, and loves the members all equally and unconditionally. A dad is the one you can go to for support, for care, refuge, strength, love and help in every way. He’s the one you can rely on in any situation. He forgives you when you do him wrong because he knows that you will try to not repeat it. He teaches you life lessons and obedience because he knows that you will use these when interacting with others at school, work or just outside. A dad is a friend who you can talk to or laugh with and you know he will always listen to you when you have a problem.

But Earthly dads are human, they are imperfect and the only dad who fits all these characteristics and will never change is God. If you have experienced a harmful situation initiated by your dad or you’ve realised that he hasn’t fit all these features, don’t blame him. He is, after all human just like you, in a world where people fall but can get back up. Rest assured that you have another dad in Heaven who will never do you harm and who will never fail to keep up with the characteristics of a dad that He himself has created. Rely on Him whenever your dad on Earth does not live up to the standards of how you’d like him to be.

Pray for your dad, and all other dads in the world so that they will come to resemble our Dad in Heaven. Celebrate Fathers’ Day – not only with dads you know here on Earth but also with your Father in Heaven who will never let you down when it comes to being a dad!




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