Cool Summer with God


My friends are super talented and super creative! They’re working on props for a photobooth that we’ll be using at the party of ACTS Teens on Friday to kickstart the summer meetings – a super cool way of getting teenagers to know more about Jesus.

How lovely it is that although we are imperfect human beings we get to plan ways to draw people closer to Jesus and share our faith in practical ways every Friday! God calls us to evangelize in so many ways and I am so blessed to be able to serve Him and be with super cool friends at the same time. Life is so grand when God has a big part in it!

Jesus calls us all to share our faith in some way – it’s our life mission to save souls. Whenever things get tough or overwhelming we keep in mind that it is for the glory of God that we are doing what we do, almost everyday during the summer. Being in a team of people with a common goal – to serve God and share Him with teenagers and the world, is so encouraging and motivating.

If you’re between the ages of 13 and 16 years, or you know of anyone in that age group, let them know that ACTS Teens will be having a party on the 24th of June at Gattard House, Blata l-Bajda, introducing the theme of the summer meetings: Mythbusters, de-bunking myths about the Catholic faith and proving how awesome life is when Jesus forms a central part of it!


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