Jesus Sets You Free

“Arbeit Macht Frei” – “Work sets you free”.

I’ve come back from a family trip to Prague and one of our excursions included a day at the Terezin Concentration Camp. Horrible place, horrible things happened there and horrible conditions. Despite being a broken place, people weren’t formally executed here. In this camp however, the Jews were mostly just kept as prisoners in a confined space, with little food, little availability of basic needs and lacking in most of the human rights that we take so much for granted now.

The slogan was put there to falsely assure the prisoners that if they worked hard they would be set free. Others think that it was put there to mock them since they all knew that in actual fact, they would be never set free. Others think that it was placed there to remind the prisoners that they can get spiritual freedom if they work hard enough for it. 

I think that the only way we can get freedom is through Jesus. We can get so caught up in our daily life and the material problems it brings with it that without even realising it, we become tied down to them. Some people are used to giving their life for their work in order to find freedom but the true freedom comes from He who gave His life for us instead! 

Truth, (ie. Jesus) tells us that we ought not take anything of value with us if we wish to serve Him, otherwise we would be too caught up trying to protect material things and forget about the mission we have in life. We can only have one God and if we give too much importance to our life here on Earth forming other idols in material things, we lose our way and stop focusing on the life that is to come after this pilgrimage. 

Our heart is made for our Creator, it is made for our God. How can we truly be free unless we give God our undivided attention? 


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