Called To Love 

Yesterday we went to an event organised as part of World Youth Day and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people there were there! Every single person was there to worship God, to share his faith with others, to learn and receive or to meet new Catholics. 

Every single person is loved by God, whether they know Him personally or not, whether they have done wrong, whether they have rejected or betrayed Him. God still calls everyone back. 

He calls us to be missionaries, even in our daily lives and in different, simple ways. He calls us to go out and take risks, not to follow the rest of the crowd but to stand out with Him, letting others know of His faithfulness towards us with our love, actions and words.

Perhaps a colleague at work needs someone to talk to; maybe a fellow student needs to hear a particular word from you that will give him/her hope; maybe a family member just needs to be loved. Jesus calls us to be merciful to everyone. He calls us to simply forgive and love them, seeing Him in every face. 

How wonderful it is that the almighty God wants to use each and every one of us to let others know Him and get closer to Him! He wants us to be in His team, in His vineyard, as His fishers of men. 

Let us answer this call and take up this responsibility. Let us be disciples of Christ and not just followers. Let us mature in Him and realise who we really are so that He can use each of our unique talents to save people and grow in His church! Let us answer this call to love!


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