Mattea was my roommate for the trip. She’s one of my sisters in Christ, and I can’t help but be so grateful for her friendship. Just like the rest of my cenacolo, she can share about her faith so freely and that’s one reason for us becoming closer friends.

In order to celebrate my birthday, the first thing she did was open a packet of biscuits and we prayed together. She tried to teach me how to stay asleep for longer in the morning by giving an example and how to put on make up (even though I won’t be trying any of those any time soon).

She hurt her wrist while rollerblading, after successfully teaching me to do it first. I’m so proud of the way she took it upon herself to try to be independent anyway and also of the humble way she asked me to help her sometimes to do normal things. God has truly shown me what it’s like to always be ready for the unexpected, how to adapt in Him and to love others more!

Thanks, Mattea because God used you to get to me! Thank you Jesus for super friends like her who form part of a spiritual support system I truly need!