God Used Her: Monique

DSC_0166 (2).jpgMonique lives ten minutes away from my house. She is 17, going on 18 (The Sound Of Music song reference) and she has so many super cool talents. She uses them to serve God and serves Him with such zeal and enthusiasm while also being so real about everything. 

She sings songs to praise God and makes sure to look into the lyrics to know that what she’s saying is true to what we believe, she uses her originality to create appealing Catholic posts on social media and comes up with new ideas to make Catholicism fun, she tries to build relationships with people and then introduces God to them and she’s an extremely good listener. 

She gives wonderful advice and has an extraordinary insight to life that not many people appreciate or look for in a person. Monique has a sense of wisdom that people don’t just happen to have. She seeks to grow in her knowledge of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and shares it with the people who come speak with her. 

Monique, you’re such a precious friend and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Realizing the little things that God has implanted in each one of us cenacolo girls and seeing friends grow is so cool! I’m super stoked to see the ways God uses this gift in her life to touch others just as she’s touched me!

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