God Used Them: Luke and Nicholas


When I made them pose for this photo, they wanted to be included in the blog. I asked them what they would want me to write about to include them in this series. They joked that I should write that whenever I see them, they remind me of Jesus, I see Him in them and that they remind me to pray. Little did they know that when I thought about this more, I realised that this is actually true.

When I’m around them and the rest of the young men I know, I see the love they have for God. The way they centre their lifestyle around God truly inspires me to remember to give my all to His kingdom. Friends like these, who seek to love others just as God loves them is such motivation to live the way Christ wants us to. I am so grateful that God comes down to our level and reminds us of His love by showing Himself in people we hang out with and spend time with. Isn’t it great to know people such as these brothers of mine? Young men of God who run to the Father’s arms and teach me to be more like Him just by being who they are.

Maybe you don’t know anyone like this and maybe this means nothing to you. Why don’t you take it upon yourself then to be the one to inspire people to live a life for Christ? Wouldn’t it be such an honour in Christ to be known for getting others closer to God without even using words but only with the way you act and choose to speak? Isn’t that our mission in life?  To love others as Christ loved us so that by our actions of love, they would know that we are His.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18





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