God used her: Mother Teresa 

This old man in Prague went around every single morning in the streets of our hotel. He was smiling most of the time and greeting people that passed him by. He passed the time talking to the shop keepers and police men in the road. When we got home at night he would still be there just as happy as before. 

“Peace begins with a smile.” ~ Mother Teresa. 

On her canonization today, we celebrate this godly woman who dedicated her life to others while serving God. One time she told the nuns “Do everything in haste.” By that she meant that we should do all that concerns us and our needs as quickly as possible so that we will have time for others and to be there for them. The nuns themselves would wake up super early to get their chores done so that the rest of the day could be dedicated to helping and being with the poor, the sick and the dying. 

We do not care enough for the people around us. A smile makes such a difference in people’s lives. I would admire the man in Prague every time I saw him and his smile was something I looked for everyday so that I could smile back. A person’s day could become completely transformed by the warmth of another. We think about ourselves way too much sometimes and even if we don’t notice it, we spend way too much time focused on things we need to do and take the longest time to do them. I am sharing this to myself first and foremost and then to all of you because I admit that I find myself way too caught up in what I am doing. 

Being like Mother Teresa means living for people, being ready to serve them and love them, even those we do not like so much. Jesus didn’t choose who to love when He died on the cross for us but saved us all. Why should we, therefore choose who to love and who to not take notice of? People like Mother Teresa changed the world by reflecting God’s love through her actions. Thank God for people like her who show us more tangibly how to feel like Christ, love like Christ and live like Christ. 

“A life not lived for others is not a life.” ~ Mother Teresa 


2 Replies to “God used her: Mother Teresa ”

  1. Wow….so many good points, Sarah! I love it when I read something that causes me to really ponder. That quote in particular about working quickly so that we can serve is such a good reminder to me too! Thank you, once again!

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