What the American election has taught me

I was going to post another blog post and I was just about to share that one but this seems to be the most recent topic in current events. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that the American election has just ended and the whole process was a terrible nightmare and upon awakening, the dream just keeps getting worse. The Americans have elected a racist, a narcissist, an egoist, a misogynist and all other negative labels that people are calling him, as a president. Because of the way he’s presented himself to us, he has been given all those labels and many more by his haters.

I get that he’s certainly not an entirely good person (putting it mildly, you know, for respect for the president) but neither are we. We label and judge a guy who has openly spoken against people, acted unjustly and unfairly to many others and after all, all we’ve been saying about him is true and there’s no denying that they’re merely facts of what we’ve seen him do. But all this judgement from our end is not going to turn things around. It’s certainly not going to turn back time to the beginning of the election before both Trump and Clinton – because if we’re being honest, neither of them are a great examples of the Christian values and the whole campaign is corrupt, just like the rest of the world’s values nowadays. We’re not even Americans and yet we take time to stop whatever we’re doing, watch him on the news and be like “Oh how can it be that that man has just been elected to rule a whole country? What were the Americans thinking?” and we end up judging them too.

I know that they were wrong to favour Trump based on all he stood for but that doesn’t mean that we need to judge people for their actions and immediately say that they’re condemned. It’s so easy to look at a person, see what he’s openly done wrong and form an idea in our minds based on that perception. There’s so much more to a person than the wrong things they do. Jesus hates the sin but does love the sinner.

What about us? Aren’t we sinners just like anybody else? Why should we judge others for their wrongdoings if we do just like them or worse? We almost expect to be given a chance after we would have sinned even if it’s actually God’s grace and Jesus’ salvation that allows us to have it. I’m not in anyway excusing sin by saying that we must love the sinner but we ought to remember that these are two very different things. Beyond our understanding,  Jesus loves even those who commit the worst sins and gives people a chance to turn back to Him. Yes, Jesus loves Trump but not what he’s doing. Yes, Jesus loves those who chose the president, but not what they did. He loves the person deep inside. How wonderful it is and how sweet is our Lord, to always be ready to open His arms for us again! It’s up to us to repent then and if we don’t, it’s on us. Jesus gives us a chance but if we don’t take it, we cannot be surprised with the outcome in eternity.

Let’s learn to love people again and forgive them. All this competition to lead a country has brought about a lot of division, insult, offence from all corners of the world even. Let’s pray that our future will be in God’s hands and trust that He knows what He’s doing. Jesus gives us the ability to love people intrinsically and show them the Truth. Jesus first loves us, then shows us where we’re wrong and that’s an example of how we should be with other. Let’s pray that he’ll keep working in us to show us our sins so that we can repent, forgive others and love just like Jesus.

Stay rad and God bless you!

Sarah 🙂


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