After God’s Own Heart

Trigi (a rad guy with an awesome experience on trusting God – check out to read it) thinks that it’s a good idea to post a blog post every week and keep a pattern going. So here’s the one I was going to post before the election for this week.

I’ve been attending Uni for about a month now (#unilajf) and I’ve realised a few things about some of the lecturers there and overheard others from people complaining about some of theirs.

  • we are barely able to take down any notes in some classes because the lecturer changes power point slides in an inhumanely fast manner (like, do they think we’re in The Flash?) to be able to take anything down since they’re way too lazy to put them up on VLE (Virtual Learning Environment – but hey, we’re probably too lazy or tired to check them out after anyway);
  • some think that we’re going to be experts in their own area out of the whole course and expect us to give it priority (and we’ve just started… like cut us some slack, we don’t even know why we chose this course yet or if we actually like it);
  • every lecturer expects us to be in class on time…. and some finish their own lectures late (like how am I supposed to walk from one side of uni to the other after a lecture that finished late, with slow people in front of me and get there on time? Again, last time I checked I wasn’t The Flash.);

The lecturers are not all like that and some are actually sweet but this is just me ranting on about the reason behind this blog post. If I focused on all these negative (and impossible) things and didn’t have God to run back to when they overwhelm me, I don’t know how I would survive here.

I seriously question the world when I find so many things trying to distract me from living life after God’s own heart. How many things could we possible come up with to hide our eyes from God? I’m not going to ramble on about the same things I spoke about in the last blog post (but since you’re here, might as well go check it out if you hadn’t already: #selfpromo #noshame)

What I do want to point out though is that sometimes it takes an accumulation of events to really shake us into realising the extent to which we get sidetracked in our Catholic faith. It usually takes an overwhelming situation to put us to a stop and be like “Hey, wait a minute. Do I really take time to know who I am and who God is?”

It’s only by spending time with someone alone that you really get to know who the person is, deep down inside. It’s the same with God. Praising Him with friends and serving Him around people is obviously great too but if we really want to change our lives to be more like Him, we need to be ready to spend actual time with Him; time in which we don’t just pray for our needs but truly reflect on our life and recognize the parts that God wants us to change for us to really be after His own heart.

And this can be hard. This can seem like a waste of time. This can seem impossible to do. I myself haven’t even managed to fully grasp it yet but if something lingers in my heart for some time I know that I need to do something about it. I need to find more time to spend with God and be ready to change myself to be more like Him and even though it takes time, I also know that it’s worth it.

After all, we’re on a journey to try to get to Heaven and called to be holy from now so why not start today? Do you want to be after God’s own heart? First, you need to get to know yours and then start your journey towards His. Don’t be afraid, God knows you and wants you to take up this journey to Him. He loves you more than you could ever know.

Stay rad and God bless you!

Sarah 🙂


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