Into the Deep

When we become busy (and it happens way too often), it is so easy to put God aside and as much as I didn’t want to do that this time during the exams, I found myself placing my prayer time further down the priority list. This struggle with prayer isn’t so hard when friends are passing through the same thing though. When it’s hard to pray alone, the encouragement of others makes a whole lot of difference especially when we’re not feeling it. One thing that helps during the year is when my friends and I go to chapels to pray together. Being in silence with God and with others overflows my heart like nothing else. Being able to experience God’s love with the people closest to your heart is not only encouraging but it goes far deeper than that.

When we come to God, we expose our true selves to Him. We come to Him in all our weakness, sin, vulnerability, trouble and with all the burdens we feel are bringing us down. We come and reveal certain parts of us that in our daily lives we pay no attention to We become comfortable with our raw selves in front of our Creator. Being able to do that openly when friends are around is such a deep experience because we’re basically saying that we’re able to be who God made us to be, exposing our failures and weaknesses to people that are always around us. We’re saying that we’re not afraid to admit that we’re not perfect but that we have a perfect God who can help us become more like Him and we have the power of friendship to help us do that. Isn’t that so beautiful?

Do you have a person in your life who isn’t afraid to be open about their faith with you? What if you asked that person to show you what it’s like to come to God together?
If you’re not sure what it means to pray, a great start is to ask someone you trust to help you make the step to go to God by coming with you. Maybe you could be that person to somebody else. Having friendships with people who can bring out the best in you and share the most important parts of life with you are to be cherished and protected because Satan cannot stand unity and will do anything to get in the way.

Be on the lookout and don’t be afraid to go into the deep!
Stay rad and God bless you!
Sarah 🙂

PS. Look out for this weekend’s blog post – a personal sharing about being on the blog for almost one year now!



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