Rise Up!

So usually I go to mass at the University chapel. Last week I decided that I would take up the #ltmasschallenge that Life Teen and The Living Person initiated. (http://bit.ly/2gyTYXP)

This morning I didn’t wake up in time for mass before my lectures so I went to the evening mass instead. Entering the church alone was quite a daunting feat and every person’s eyes followed me as a found a seat. Isn’t it hard to go to mass alone sometimes especially at a church you don’t usually step foot in? How easy it is to almost choose to not go in because of what people might think or because for that split second you’re the centre of attraction. Once you get past that, remember that you’re there to meet God and after all, we’re all on the same level in front of Him. 

During mass, the first thought that came to mind was how bored everyone looked, how monotonous the priest’s voice sounded and how unenthusiastic people were to be there. I wondered why on earth people actually came here voluntarily if they didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves. They’re probably there partly because of tradition – they’re used to doing this and always will. But there also must be some dedication and love for God. After all, there’s a limit to the time you’d spend doing something ‘out of tradition’ if you don’t really like it. Personally, to come to mass everyday for the past week was a kind of struggle until I managed to fit it into my schedule but these people have probably been coming to mass all their life and they still do. These elderly people make time for it. They give God importance in their life. That’s already admirable. But it’s not just a nice thought.

Why don’t we do the same? Most of the people in church were the elderly. Where are the young people? Where are those Catholic teens who follow God so fervently? Some and maybe you might think that it’s not cool, it’s boring or it’s a waste of time but do you really know what you’re doing at mass? Mass is the highest form of prayer – it literally means ‘thanksgiving’. When we go to mass we are putting all our earthly troubles out of our focus and directing all attention to God. In humility we come to Him with our problems, leave them at His feet and become spiritually renewed to take on the world. All it takes is half an hour of our day in which we give thanks and praise our awesome God in the midst of the stress the world tries to push onto us pilgrims! 

So let’s take up the #ltmasschallenge and go to mass everyday. It’s okay to slack, it’s okay to miss out so there’s no need to beat ourselves up if we make mistakes. God simply wants to meet us just like a father meets his child. Don’t let Satan ruin this relationship for you. Beat Satan’s lies, and rise up to God’s call to be with Him. What’s the best way to do that? Go to mass, go to praise and worship the God who turns everything to our good! 

Stay rad and God bless you!

Sarah 🙂


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