Press On

While we were in Gozo as a family, we decided to walk many miles into the unknown to discover new places. We were following the blue and white lined road and there were a few times when we couldn’t find the colour indication and got lost, going down other roads instead. So much in fact, that we totally went another way and still ended up in the same destination only to go back to the point we got lost at to take the right route the next day.

Each time we got a glimpse of the blue and white colours on the walls whether it was in the countryside or in villages, a sense of relief overcame us and we were so happy to see that:
1. We were on the right track
2. We had reached a next milestone to our destination
3. The next milestone was one step closer to the destination.

Our Catholic walk is kind of like that hike we went on. We follow Jesus and we reach small milestones in our life that bring us closer to seeing Him in Heaven. Our destination in life is that when we die we get to see our Creator face to face. That’s enough motivation to get us going in this walk of life! Think about it this way, if we hadn’t continued following the blue and white lines, only God knows where we could have ended up. There will be some detours, we will fall for temptation – a lot – and people will do us wrong but that doesn’t mean that we cannot go back to the path we were following again. Going down the wrong road made us more aware of what’s around us and we learned that not following the blue and white lined route would only make us go back and take longer.

Our Catholic life isn’t all smooth. There are rough parts, we will fall down or go the wrong way or mess up but God calls us back to The Way – Jesus, to be forgiven for the times we give in to temptation so that we can continue the journey after His own heart. All we have to do is press on.

If you liked this and can think of at least one other person who would love to hear this today, pass it on. Sharing pieces, right where you’re at.

Stay rad and God bless you!
Sarah 🙂


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