One Year On

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I posted my first blog post and created this blog on the 28th of January 2016. I don’t know what I was expecting out of it. All I know is that I wanted to share my thoughts with people. Simply scribbling them down on a journal wasn’t doing much to change the world and that’s something I really want to do. I wanted to start sharing my thoughts about my relationship with God, about people who are close to my heart and those I meet, about Christianity and life and ultimately about how God is showing me my imperfections but not leaving me that way. I share about how God is changing me so that you will be inspired to give Him a chance.

I started out by creating an account on Instagram. My friends encouraged me to start using it and there and then, during a break at Sixth form, I made them take a photo with me to post as my first photo.


Little did I know that this was going to be a means of reaching out to people for His Kingdom. At first the posts were random but then I started following Jordan Lee from SoulScripts  (@soulscripts) and she inspired me to write more than just a descriptive caption. She gave me the idea to use words to share about my faith and I did. In my first post  I shared an experience of a father and child during mass and from then on I decided that it would make more sense to start a blog and place all my thoughts there. I wasn’t sure of a name for the blog but then I realised that what I was doing was ‘Sharing Pieces’ and that’s the name I thought suited it best. Upon following Charity Hardaway’s instagram (@charitylikesbeards) and blog (, I got the idea of sharing small excerpts that wouldn’t go up on the blog because there would be too many but that would be captions on Instagram with #sarahlikessharinglittlepieces.

In summer in 2016 God pushed me to suggest starting a blog for ACTS Teens (  Inspired by Life Teen, I wrote tips, things to do and a summary of the Friday meeting talks. Friends at ACTS Teens volunteered to help me and write and a blog team of 6 people was formed. We take it in turns to write blog posts, come up with new ideas and share constructive criticism, helping me get better at what I was doing with my own blog while being able to work with others in something I enjoy doing so much!

The blog gave me a space to write freely, express the talent God gave me to use for Him and increased my confidence in what I do. Knowing that I’m making a difference even in a few people’s lives is so heartwarming and such motivation to keep allowing God to use me through words. Dear friend, I want to meet you where you’re at and show you how you can let God into that situation whether it’s based on my own personal experience or God teaching me while sharing with you.

I’m super blessed to be here! Don’t hold back from leaving comments or looking me up on social media. You can contact me if you want to have a chat over coffee (I’m always up for a coffee hang!) or ask questions which I’ll do my best to answer!

Friends, stay rad (and if anyone’s wondering, that’s slang for ‘wonderful’ or ‘fine’), God bless you and thanks for reading my blog posts for a year now! Let’s walk hand in hand with God, together.
Sarah 🙂





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