The Cross and the Switchblade

A friend of mine suggested that I read The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson and it’s so good that I finished it in less than 24 hours.  The book is basically about the real-life experience of a Christian who felt that God was calling him to help teenagers involved in gangs, addictions, murders and such crime-infested slums. Miracles started to happen when he brought Jesus to them and since then, he has established a movement called Teen Challenge in New York that helps teenagers find a new life in the Holy Spirit. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a boost in believing God’s power and ability to change people but I feel like I should warn you that if detailed accounts of crime bother you in any way, it might not be the book for you. Having said that, do get your hands on this book if possible!

Here’s 10 things (out of many more) that I have learned from this book:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask God for big things – miracles aren’t a thing of the past but if we trust Him, the impossible is possible.

2. Don’t judge a person based on their actions – their past plays a big role on their personality today.

3. Listen to God’s will and be willing to make little changes that the Holy Spirit will transform greatly.

4. Don’t be too proud to ask for help – be humble enough to realise that you don’t know everything.

5. Be slow to anger if things don’t seem to go the way you thought God was showing you – He uses everything for His plan and we don’t always understand His works.

6. Believe in providence – if you’re lacking in something and it’s for God’s glory, He will provide.

7. Don’t tackle situations by yourself – God can do so much more with His strength and power. Don’t limit the Holy Spirit’s power.

8. Listen to the people who are hurt – Jesus has a way of touching the hardest hearts by using words.

9. Pray, pray, pray – aloud, quietly, in your room, at a restaurant. The power of prayer is immense and we don’t speak to God enough during the day!

10. Let the Holy Spirit be in charge – “in all the lives we reach out to and touch and inspire with the Living Spirit of God.”

If you think I should do more book reviews, let me know!
Stay rad & God bless you,
Sarah 🙂


4 Replies to “The Cross and the Switchblade”

  1. Def I’d love to see more book reviews! 😀 I’ve been wanting to read The Cross and the Switchblade for a while now, and this makes me want to read it even more! Those 10 points are amazing. Thanks!! God bless! 🙂

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  2. Hey! I love the Cross and the Switchblade. I went through Teen Challenge. The ministry David started in Brooklyn. There are programs all over the world now, and God saved my life through one of them a few years back. Great testimony and man of faith!

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