Are you really spreading life?

Did you know that the palm branch represents peace and eternal life?

If you have already gone to mass today you might have been given a palm branch. During the gospel, you would have heard the story of the Crucifixion starting from the Last Supper. We get to participate in the reading of the gospel today and play the part of the people. We all shout together, ‘Let him be crucified!’ multiple times.

Doesn’t that hurt you? You are literally calling out for your Creator to be crucified. Having a personal relationship with God, I became quite uncomfortable while uttering those words. I realised that every single time we sin, we say these words with our actions and choices. We crucify Him each time we do something that offends Him, disrupting our relationship with Him. 

Every time we do something that goes against His word, we tear the possibility of being close to Him because He is perfection until we confess and are forgiven, allowing us to become more like Him.

We find ourselves being like the people who followed Jesus and welcomed Him with palm branches, crying out ‘Hosanna’ but then turned their backs on Him and wanted to kill Him. We harm ourselves by giving in to what seems to be what we desire but is in fact going to break us.

With the opportunity of confession we admit that we have done something wrong and go with the desire of wanting to fix things with God, knowing that we cannot fix things ourselves. In the meantime we try to save others – by evangelizing, being an example, simply being there for people and perhaps even physically helping in any way.

This morning a  few of my friends and I went to donate blood and it is such a great opportunity to potentially save a life – even though I ended up not being able to give blood in the end. Having friends who push you to do good things is a great example and influence on the choices we make.

Friends and the people we surround ourselves with can make a difference when it comes to whether we sin or not and also whether we ask for forgiveness or not. It’s important to be with people who bring the best out of you and not break you down or push you to do things you’d rather not do. 

I encourage you to do something to promote eternal life starting from now, whether it’s giving blood or being nice to someone you don’t get along with. Very simply put, eternal life is living in God’s love on Earth and reaching its perfection in Heaven for eternity. It doesn’t mean that we cannot have fun here on Earth because we are focused on Jesus. It’s great to be devoted to Jesus and we should be but that doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy life at the same time.

Knowing Jesus means that we get to have great fun being who we are in Him and still have the time of our lives with those we love! If you think being Catholic is boring, then you haven’t met my friends and I!

What is one thing you can do today to bring peace and life into the people around you?

Will you be the palm branch in every situation you face while having the time of your life?



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