Know Yourself

I don’t know whether it’s because of my age, my faith, my circumstances or my constant pensive state of mind but I’ve found that I’m learning so much about myself this year. I have gone through experiences that have shaped me and got to know people who have encouraged me to grow.

If you struggle with saying ‘yes’ too often, this is for you.

I thought that being known by people and stepping out of my comfort zone was going to happen by being involved in everything that came my way. I wanted to challenge myself more this year to do things I am usually too shy to do. I figured that one way of doing this was to say ‘yes’ to everything, partly because I thought it was helping me grow and partly because I hate to say ‘no’ for fear of letting people down.

When I started to become overwhelmed, not only did I become aware of how tired I was but my friends also noticed that I was almost burnt out. I knew that I truly had to think about all I was saying ‘yes’ to.

All the opportunities I had in front of me were great things that I was genuinely interested in but instead of allowing myself to grow, I was straining myself to be able to handle them all.

I was giving away parts of myself instead of discovering my identity as a whole.

I’m learning to say ‘no’ to what I think I will not be able to keep up with.

It’s a humbling process, admitting that I cannot do everything.

Don’t let that happen to you, or you’ll be blown away with the wind.

Stay rooted, remain enthusiastic for life, know yourself.


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