After God’s Own Heart

I finished reading the book ‘After God’s Own Heart’ by Mike Bickle after 6 months and that is pretty unlike me – I used to finish a book in a week. It’s not that the book is too boring to finish – quite the contrary! The book is so good that I wanted to take my time and pray with it, really taking in all that I was reading.

I started reading ‘After God’s Own Heart’ because two of my friends were reading it. I watched them read it in the chapel and speak to me about it and I knew that I needed to read a book like that to refresh the zeal of serving the Lord and the enthusiasm of having a personal relationship with Him. The book is basically about being a student of God’s emotions and being equipped with a new passion, investing time into understanding the way God feels for us and experience an awakening in our hearts with the fulfillment of God’s promises for our life.

Mike Bickle walks you through the life of David, the shepherd, psalmist, King, but also the liar, murderer, and adulterer who was the only person actually called to be a man “after God’s own heart”. Mike shows us how David’s secret was to be energized by intimacy with God and in encountering the power of His emotions, his own emotions for God were transformed in a way that gave him an unimaginable spiritual identity.

This book will show you that God is crazy for you and desires a personal closeness unlike any other. He knows what you have done, and what you’re most tempted to do and calls you His son or daughter anyways. Because of this book, I’ve come to realise that whatever we behold about God’s emotions for us, become our emotions towards Him too. He knows the best way to use our failings and is not surprised by anything we do. The importance of being in love with God is emphasised as being the power source of His Kingdom.

By discovering new things about David’s life, you will find that you’re not so different after all. I found that I could relate to so many things that happened to David and the way he reacted to experiences. I started to find answers to what I was unsure of and explanations as to why I was acting a certain way. I found that God was using the words in this book to teach me things I would have otherwise probably overlooked and it grabbed my attention to how I could relate it to my life.

If this sounds like a book you need, I’d encourage you to read it slowly to truly absorb what you need to hear. When you’re finished with it, put it on the closest shelf and take it down to read random chapters to refresh your mind. God might be using books like this to speak to your heart in areas that you normally prefer to lock away from the world’s view.

Stay rad,

Szm 🤙


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