Welcome, dear friend!

My full name is Sarah Zammit Munro so people call me SZM or Sizzle. When I was nine years old, school friends called me Smiley just because I wouldn’t stop smiling and laughing. How can I not, with God in my life? I never really had a dream job – whatever God wants, I want. What I do want is to change the world and make it a better place with the words I write and the faith I share. I’m so fond of listening to people’s stories and how God is working in their life!

This is a space that has helped me be less indifferent to people’s lives because it makes me more aware of those around me and the world in general. This is a space where I write thoughts about life, people and my experiences in the world God has created me to be His child in. I hope to trigger some kind of reflection on your part because it’s so easy to just get swept away by the world and forget who we are and why we’re here.

I write to display God’s glory in me, share my imagination with others and ultimately, because I enjoy it.

Come and explore God’s love in every aspect of life with me! If you would like to contact me to share your story, ask me a question, give me advice on my writing, collab, feature my work, or simply get to know me, this is my email: smileyszm@gmail.com. Make sure to add ‘Sharing Pieces’ in the subject so I know that you came from here!

I look forward to discover God’s inspiration in my life and yours! In the meantime, stay rad and God bless you!
Sarah 🙂